Coaching owner-managers on a personal level, focusing on self-awareness, focus and goals and moving a ‘back bedroom’ business into a multi-million-pound enterprise.

Strategy Implementation

Implementation of strategy through facilitating OKRs, driving activities focused on revenue and profit generation, team and structural development, and life-work balance for business owners.

Technical Management

Management through mergers and acquisitions, providing taxation and accounting assurance in acquisition situations and driving financial strategies and team building in mergers. …And just to reassure you, yes, M&A aside we’re absolutely committed to these behaviours in-house as well. We don’t just deliver it, we live it.

Financial Board Representation

Financial representation at Board level, providing strategic insights and driving financial strategy.

Workshop Facilitation

Facilitating workshops to drive the definition of a long-term business vision and strategy, ensuring clarity and agreement of purpose and destination between the board members.

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