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You’re busy running your business, let us take some of the weight off your shoulders.

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Tech first

We’re paperless, and pride ourselves on using financial tech to give you real-time information when you need it.

Flexible accounting support

We get it, you don’t have endless funds. We’ll chat to you about the support you need and make a plan that works for us both. Add or remove services at any time.

Understand your numbers

Xero is our accounting software of choice. It gives you live insights into your business numbers – which we explain so you actually know what you’re looking at.

Look to the future

Don’t know how you’re going to keep your small business afloat? That’s ok, because we can help with a clear cash flow plan to help you reach those goals.

Free up your time

We help you find the Xero software app integrations that’ll give you back valuable minutes in your busy days.

Get sound advice

We want you to have the best experience working with us. So you can pick up the phone to an open-minded, friendly person whenever you need support.

We've been there, done that, let us show you how.

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"As your company grows, you may need additional advice, support and expertise that only an accountant like Blu Sky can give. In my case, I went down the DIY route when I started off as a Sole Trader in 2016 but then appointed Blu Sky as soon as we registered as a Limited Company in 2018."

Paul Lancaster Founder, Plan Digital UK

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