(Seed) Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS)

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Build your business

SEIS and EIS schemes are designed to help companies raise investment in the early years. You can raise a maximum of £150,000 of your funding through (S)EIS investments.

Attract Investors

By offering generous tax relief to investors, these schemes encourage them to invest in qualifying companies. Through SEIS investment, investors can claim 50% tax relief, and through EIS they can claim 30%.

More than financial advice

Becoming investment ready isn’t an overnight exercise. We work with partners such as Seedrs and SeedLegals to give you more than just financial support.

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How it works

The (S)EIS process is split into three different rounds: Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A. We can help you at every stage, here’s the lowdown on each of the rounds:


This round is geared towards start-ups that are in the pre-product, pre-launch stage. These teams are generally small and ideas-focused, possessing what is essentially a minimum viable product. In this round, the goal is to maximise potential future fundraising opportunities through testing.


Start-ups at this level will already have a validated value proposition: a monthly revenue which is consistent and constant, and visible month-on-month growth. This round is focused on providing start-ups with the next level of funding to scale, grow and become competitors in the marketplace.

Series A

The final round targets start-ups which are already generating strong revenue from their business model. Series A investors are likely to be either venture capital funds or ‘angel investors’ who are willing to take on the high risks associated with funding early-stage companies. If you can secure Series A investment, the aim of most investors will be to scale your product nationally, or even internationally!

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