Accounting for Seed Funded Companies

Feeling overwhelmed and busy navigating preparations for your first seed funding round?

It’s time to appoint an accountant that cares about your cashflow forecast and help put solid plans in place so you can reach your goals.

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Seed funding expertise

Every investment round brings new questions, especially when you’re giving away equity. We guide you through each seed funding step from pre-investment through to the KPIs you need to track to keep investors happy after.

Dedicated support

Working with seed funded businesses to map out your next steps and objectives is what we do. Our team care about you reaching your next milestone in the most effective way.

Free up your time

We know you’re stretched for time, so let’s free it up. The way we use apps and integrations means the part you play in your accounting processes takes you the least amount of time possible.

Real talk

Let’s keep it simple. No jargon. No long winded, confusing answers. We’ll make sure you understand what you need to know, and the future implications of your decisions.

Tech First

Everything we do is cloud based to make your seed funding journey as simple as possible. We’re proud to be paperless, and use the latest financial tech to give you the information you need, when you need it.

More than cashflow advice

Becoming investment ready isn’t an overnight exercise. We work with partners such as Seedrs and SeedLegals to give you more than just accounting and tax support.

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