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We can manage your pay days, or save you even more time with automated payroll payments.

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Keep your employees happy

Make sure your people get paid the right amount on the right date – no more mistakes!

Get rid of the admin

Take the pain of manual processes away, so your finance team can spend time doing the things that add value.

Save your precious time

Save an extra 30 minutes to 2 hours per month by using our payroll payments automation service.

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Payroll automation

Our payroll automation service is designed to save you time and reduce the chance of errors. It starts at £50+VAT per month and means you only send one payment. We take care of everything else.

Monthly reminders

Never miss a payment deadline. Whether you pay your employees or we sort it for you, we’ll send you monthly reminders of your HMRC liabilities, what you need to pay and when.

Stay in the loop

We check in with you each month to make sure we know about any changes to be reflected in your payroll. So every employee gets paid the right amount on the right date.

The team at Blu Sky are amazing. Simply put. They look after all our accounting needs, and keep us on track with reporting, reconciling, submitting everything to HMRC etc. A great team spirit – they are like an extension of our team. We couldn’t be nearly as efficient without them!

Sarah Thackray Co-Founder, Beaconhouse Events Ltd

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