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Remuneration planning

Eventually shareholders and directors need to be paid. How to balance salary levels, dividend frequency and directors loan repayments are all part of our Essentials service. Everyone is different and we adapt our approach before things get complicated for you and make you aware of the tax implications.

Cloud setup and health checks

To keep your finances on the right track, we’ll use Xero, alongside other time-saving, efficiency-building financial apps. We’ll also recommend linking Xero up to other useful apps and introduce new processes where we think you’ll benefit.

Year-end accounts

It’s so important that everything’s accurate when it comes to your year-end accounts. We’ll dot the i’s and cross the t’s, and decide which Financial Reporting Standard is best for your accounts.

Corporation tax returns

We help you understand how much corporation tax your company is liable for and support you to hit your legal obligations. We take care of the calculations and make sure your accurate Corporation Tax Return is submitted on time.

Companies Secretarial and HMRC

Companies House and HMRC can be a tricky to deal with but we know how they work! Our clients love that we tackle the time-consuming processes and keep you updated as we go.

Self-assessment tax returns

If you’re a company director, it is very likely you have been asked to file a self-assessment tax return each tax year. We do this for you to make sure you’re compliant, and even better, ensure you pay the right amount of tax, nothing more, nothing less.

VAT return

VAT returns are one of those things that just take time to get right and can very quickly go very wrong! We produce your VAT return for you, ensure you benefit from the best VAT scheme, and will also submit the VAT return on your behalf.

Reconciliation and Bookkeeping

Timely, accurate and fully reconciled book-keeping is the key to understanding your numbers. Outsourcing your bookkeeping will save you time, hassle and give you financial numbers when you need them. We’re the experts, so you can leave it to us to guarantee your books are up to date and accurate, or shout when things get behind.


Hate payroll admin? We get it. Let us take away your burden! Our Payroll Automation service saves you even more time too.

"Blu Sky are always really approachable, no matter what the problem is, they will always respond. We get monthly accounts, lots of tips and advice and a meeting every month to go through what we can improve within the business"

Nic Flynn Co-Founder, Nebula Labs

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