EMI Schemes

Blu Sky have extensive experience in working with your legal partner and liaising with HMRC to manage the share option process, particularly EMI (employee management incentive) schemes. If you have no preferred partner we work closely with SeedLegals to deliver an efficient, cost-effective service.

R & D

With a high proportion of growing businesses under our wing, we punch above our weight on R&D. Whatever you do, if you’re investigating something new, or looking to do something in a way no-one else seems to be doing, talk to us about the potential for R&D. Remember, if there is genuine business justification, it puts cash directly into your bank.


Looking for investment? One option of course may be equity funding from private investors, either directly or through a crowd-funded option such as our good friends at Seedrs. A big attraction to these investors may be SEIS or EIS, which can make their investment very tax-efficient. We can manage the entire process for you.


Companies in the creative industries directly involved in the planning, designing and developing, testing and production of a video game that has been or is still being developed since 1st April 2014 can claim an additional deduction on the corporation tax return in the form of video games tax relief. We’ve extensive experience with this.

Investment Readiness

Becoming investment ready isn’t simple. It can involve providing accurate financial reports, satisfying your potential investors, and even applying for assurance from HMRC. Blu Sky can work on anything from the initial process and compliance history, through to preparation of your forecasts and other financials.

Business Valuation

You need a valuation! Great, whether that’s for a purchase and sale, or for an approved shares scheme application, Blu Sky can do a high-level review of your business’s financial history and projections using the best method to optimise the value of your company. You can count on us to help you maximise value.

Process Review

You understand the need for well-documented, robust processes within your business to increase efficiency within your team. Blu Sky can document your ‘as-is’ processes, reflect on them and make suggestions going forward. These can be used to ensure your team can work through any process, regardless of departures or absences.

Business Structure Planning

Your business is evolving, or you have some innovative ideas which may not form part of your existing business strategy, or you’re looking to exit. How best to structure this, and what are the risks involved in separating components of a business? We’ll help you consider the wider implications, not just the tax and administrative efficiencies.

Due Diligence

Due diligence may be required for a variety of reasons, whether that be on your own or someone else’s business. Perhaps you’re debating a business purchase, or just wanting to understand whether your business would withstand any scrutiny from others. Blu Sky are registered auditors, so we can lead you through this process.


You’ve considered the pros and cons of incorporation and you want to go ahead. Blu Sky can register your business with Companies House and take care of all the admin such as allocating shares and producing the Memorandum and Articles of Association. We just need basic information from you and we’ll take it from there.

Auto Enrolment

As a new employer you have a legal obligation to provide pension options to your workforce. Ignoring these rules can lead to eye-watering penalties. Whilst we cannot make recommendations as to which scheme to join, if you have your choice made we can enrol the scheme and your workers on your behalf.

Inspections & Enquiries

Pleasingly, our clients tend to be well behaved and agree with our ‘safe tax’ philosophy. However, those pesky people at HMRC will still ask occasional questions. We can provide expertise and reassurance around VAT, PAYE, Corporation Tax and Income tax enquiries and inspections to keep HMRC happy.

Fee Protection

Our fee protection service offers financial reassurance in the event of HMRC investigation. HMRC is working harder than ever to collect more revenue, which means every business is a target, irrespective of its size. The cost of fee protection is a fraction of the costs incurred during an inquiry and offers peace of mind.

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