You’ve grown a reputable business from scratch.  You’re profitable, with a decent team and a good professional reputation.  But you feel something is missing. 

The clock is ticking and you’ve outgrown your existing accountant, who insists on producing returns and management accounts just 24 hours before the deadline and seems to treat your emails or phone calls as toxic. 

It’s time for a refresh, time to find an accounting partner that doesn’t just eventually report on the past but can help you get full control of the present and plan for the future, on a business and personal level.  You may also be considering the need for external strategic advice or exit planning.

Sounds like we can really make an impact.  Get in touch.


Cloud Setup

Blu Sky’s cloud set up ensures you get up and running with your new fancy accounting software with a bunch of useful apps which will save you time and stress. After a short consultation period, this will consist of migrating your financial data from your old system straight onto Xero, introducing new processes and efficiencies.

R & D

With a high proportion of growing businesses under our wing, we punch above our weight on R&D. Whatever you do, if you’re investigating something new, or looking to do something in a way no-one else seems to be doing, talk to us about the potential for R&D. Remember, if there is genuine business justification, it puts cash directly into your bank.

Process Review

You understand the need for well-documented, robust processes within your business to increase efficiency within your team. Blu Sky can document your ‘as-is’ processes, reflect on them and make suggestions going forward. These can be used to ensure your team can work through any process, regardless of departures or absences.