20th Dec 2021

Our Year in Numbers: 2021 Infographic

Dave Gibson picture

Dave Gibson

Co-Founder and Chairman

Can you believe it’s the end of 2021?

It’s always a good idea to pause for a moment and look back at the year as well as your numbers, so you can track your business goals and plan ahead.

For us, it’s been another busy year, we’ve grown our service offering and our team, refreshed our branding, launched a new website, re-opened and rebranded the office, alongside supporting and celebrating our client’s success stories throughout the year.

We’ve taken some time to look back on our own business performance (in numbers of course! Would you expect any less from accountants?!) and were sharing our key stats in the below infographic.

If you’d prefer to read our stats:

  • £313m investment and exit activity supported, an average raise of £1.68m per client.
  • 12 new team members onboarded.
  • 1 new shareholder and company director.
  • 2 team members passed their final chartered exams, and 3 are in progress.
  • 665,329 bank transactions reconciled, an average of 2,400 per client.
  • 161,695 employee expense transactions posted, an average of 500 per client.
  • 2,777 management reports prepared to help client decisions.
  • 78 R&D tax credits claims processed to save clients an average of £55,000 tax each.
  • 98 SEIS/EIS claims completed helping secure £63m in investment
  • 17,989 payslips processed for approximately 2,000 employees.

What else is new?

Like we said, we have finalised various new services this year, including:

Designed to help you delve into your data, evaluate your processes, and give you an overview of how well everything’s working.

Designed to help streamline and create efficiencies within your finance function. Whilst understanding which areas need improvement, what’s working well and what else you could do to enhance your processes.

Designed to Maximise your tax saving opportunities, whilst maintaining compliance, improving your tax position and helping you make future savings.

Ready to look at your year in numbers?

Taking the time to review your numbers can really help you make a solid plan for the year ahead.

We’re here to help you understand your numbers, forecast and plan! Don’t hesitate to get in touch.