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We spoke with leadership coach and behavioural analytics expert, Trevor Norman, founder of Tribero, to find out how Blu Sky supported him through his business launch.

Trevor tells us about how the team support Tribero with day-to-day accounting needs and the work Trevor has done with the Blu Sky team. 

About Tribero

Tribero was founded in 2020, after Trevor made the decision to shift his full time focus to behavioural analytics and team dynamics.

Tribero supports individuals, teams and organisations to find purpose and fulfilment with the aim of achieving outstanding results.

The Tribero team design and deliver bespoke solutions focused across four core themes: team dynamics, leadership framework, behavioural coaching and career navigation.

Let’s hear what founder, Trevor, had to say about his start-up experience.

Access to a team of expert accountants

I had worked with Jon, Dave and the Blu Sky team prior to launching Tribero. They handled the accounts for a business I worked for and were doing a great job. So, I knew they were experts I could trust with my business.

What I liked from the start about working with Blu Sky is the fact I have support from the whole team, not just one person. There’s a whole range of expertise across the team and it’s very helpful.

From day one the team gave me answers and guided me through a whole range of ever-changing processes. Along with necessities, like tax, dividends and Companies House compliance.

Knowing you have a team of experts behind you, especially at start-up stage, really gives you comfort on a day-to-day basis.

Keeping it simple and efficient

Blu Sky help keep my accounting simple for me. Everything that can be automated, is, which means I have live figures that I can see at any time.

I can access everything through apps that Blu Sky have set up and taught me to use in the most efficient way. For example, through use of Xero and its integrations, I can see my bespoke business reports and forecasts.

Approachable and friendly

The whole team are very down to earth, approachable, and relaxed, which makes them very easy to work with and learn from. Accounting is normally perceived as a formal service, but Blu Sky are very much informal. Which is greatly appreciated.

It’s great to see that Blu Sky practice what they preach! They have an emphasis on keeping their people fulfilled. From speaking and working with the team I know that this is something they actively work towards.

A strong accounting team

Employee expectations and fulfilment is more important than ever before, and Blu Sky recognise this. Staff are regularly supported with development opportunities, and I’ve supported them with leadership team development work too.

We plan to continue working together going forward. It’s really reassuring for me to know that I’m working with such a strong team who keep my day-to-day accounts running smoothly!

They are a great bunch and I’m very grateful for their support.

Want to know if Blu Sky can support your business?

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The whole team are very down to earth, approachable, and relaxed, which makes them very easy to work with and learn from.

Trevor Norman Founder, Tribero