15th Apr 2021

What’s it like to work for Blu Sky Chartered Accountants?

We can shout about what it’s like to work here and why you should, but we thought it would be better we ask our existing employees for their insights, starting with our newest recruits.

To get the scoop on what it’s like to work for Blu Sky, we spoke to recently appointed cloud accountants, Lauren Gray and Brad Stewart.

What is it a cloud accountant does?

Everything accounting related but digital!

Cloud accounting has the same functionality as desktop, online or traditional book-based accounting but the processes, files and software is all stored on a cloud server.

Cloud accounting basically means that everything sits in one place digitally, systems and processes are online.

Our day-to-day tasks revolve around reconciling our clients’ accounts. As well as making sure management accounts, VAT returns and board packs are produced in accordance with planning and quality requirements.

Blu Sky has gradually introduced us to our client base, we’re getting to know them, their needs and we’ll have further direct contact with them as time progresses!

How’re you finding working for Blu Sky?

It’s been strange to start a new job virtually, but the team has been very supportive and stayed in touch with us regularly.

Within our first few days, everyone from the team organised some time to virtually get to know and have a chat with us, which was nice and welcoming. Time to speak with everyone has helped us feel very connected and included!

When starting a job from your home, you’d think you wouldn’t get the chance to properly speak to all your colleagues, but Blu Sky made sure we did.

It’s been great to know that the team are only a phone call or video call away.

What made you apply for the job at Blu Sky?

Brad: I started off as an apprentice accountant and was keen to make further progress with my qualifications. I’ve worked for firms previously and it’s felt very traditional and formal. Whilst this style of accounting works for some, it’s not really for me. Blu Sky are more involved in the digital world and that’s where I wanted to be.

Lauren: I did a top up degree in Accounting and Finance and graduated from Northumbria University in 2019 and was ready to work for a firm that would help me play more of an active role in my client’s work, whilst utilising the skills I’ve learnt over the years. Blu Sky are really going to support me in doing so which is great.

How are Blu Sky helping support your goals and development objectives?

Brad: Blu Sky will be supporting me through several accountancy exams, including my ACCA qualifications. I’m really pleased that the team are willing to do so as I’ve always wanted to become further qualified and following my AAT accreditations.

Lauren: Blu Sky are helping me implement some of my existing skillset whilst helping me gain new ones. They’re also giving me the option to further grow my skillset through additional qualifications and certification throughout my career. It’s good to know that the option is there and that I’ll be supported throughout.

Thanks both! We hope that gave you all some insight!

Thinking of joining the team?

At Blu Sky, our vision is ‘to be pioneers in the future of accounting for SMEs’. Our team, software knowledge and cloud accounting abilities enable us to inspire our clients through numbers.

We want to drive accountancy through the 2020s, embracing digital tools and new platforms! Here at Blu Sky, we believe that the best workplaces celebrate and promote diversity. We’re committed to being an equal opportunity employer and we think it’s right to build a company where everybody is welcome, with an open culture that thrives on not just our similarities but also our differences.

Part of this commitment is our promise that every team member and job applicant is treated equally, regardless of protected characteristics such as race, sexuality, religion, or age.

Drop us an email about our most recent positions or send a CV to recruitment@blusky.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!