21st Nov 2023

We’ve Partnered With GoCardless to Help You Get Paid Faster

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Jon Dudgeon

Co-Founder and CEO

We’re huge advocates of GoCardless and we use the platform regularly so it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that we’re now official affiliates.

But it’s not just any affiliates scheme. We’ve pledged to donate any sign-up commission to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, as we’d much prefer the funds go to such a worthy and meaningful cause.

Why GoCardless?

We switched from issuing annual bills to charging manageable monthly subscription fees almost a decade ago.

Over 90% of our customers pay by GoCardless and we encourage them to use the platform themselves to improve their own sales cycle. Here’s why:

  • You can create a pay link that can be used anywhere (invoices, your site, emails etc) to collect payment.
  • It’s a one size fits all system, allowing greater control over subscription fees.
  • The platform offers a competitive fee structure.
  • The platform seamlessly integrates with Xero to give immediate insights.
  • Your customers can set up an automated payment (meaning you get paid on time, every time).
  • Payments are largely automated.

Additional visibility

The additional visibility into payments will allow you to build a more responsive, easier to manage credit control cycle. Which Is crucial to planning, forecasting and staying in the loop with your business.

You will know when to expect payments and it’s pretty much eliminated the need to chase people for overdue payments. So, you’re saving time every day.

If a payment has failed, you can see this in real-time, so you know straight away that you need to speak with your customer to rectify it.

Ready to learn more?

We’d be happy to chat you through the benefits and why we’re massive advocates. If you’re ready to find out more and sign up already, enquire here.

Blu Sky & GoCardless FAQs

What is GoCardless, and how does it work?

A simple way to set up recurring payments. The platform allows you to automate the billing process and ensure timely payments without manual intervention.

Why did your firm choose GoCardless?

We chose GoCardless for its seamless integration with our accounting software and its ability to streamline our billing process. The platform’s cost-effectiveness, flexibility in setting up subscription fees, and the convenience it offers to both us and our clients were key factors in our decision.

How does GoCardless benefit clients?

You can conveniently set up automated payments, ensuring prompt and hassle-free transactions. The platform enables you to create payment links compatible with various communication channels.

Does GoCardless integrate with accounting software?

Yes, the platform integrates smoothly with accounting software like Xero, providing immediate insights into payment transactions. This integration enhances visibility and simplifies financial management for both our firm and our clients.

What are the advantages of using GoCardless for subscription-based services?

Using GoCardless for subscription fees allows for greater control and predictability in billing cycles. Its automated payment setup ensures businesses receive payments consistently and on time, reducing the need for chasing overdue payments.

How does GoCardless help in credit control and financial planning?

GoCardless provides enhanced visibility into payment statuses, aiding in building a more responsive credit control cycle. This visibility is pivotal in financial planning, forecasting, and maintaining a smooth cash flow within businesses.

How does your firm support the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation through GoCardless?

We have pledged to donate any sign-up commission earned through the platform to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation. This initiative aligns with our values, contributing to a meaningful cause while utilising a service we genuinely advocate.