1st Jul 2016

Well, we did it!

A fitting reward for the blood, sweat and tears put in by the team over the last year.  Well done guys, we’re really proud of you.  Many thanks for those who nominated us as well – it was nice to be told we had ‘too many’ nominations!

Once we move on from todays forgivable hangover, we need to take stock.  We’re nowhere near the finished article, nowhere near as good as we can or want to be.  We need to keep improving, because this isn’t about us, it’s about you, our clients.

Regardless of Brexit you’ll continue to meet opportunities and challenges.  It’s our job to be fit for purpose to stand alongside you at those moments.   To be responsive, to communicate in the right manner, and to keep you on the right track.  To do that consistently every hour of the working day.

The future will bring more blood sweat and tears, but if we all work hard enough at it the future will bring many more successes for all of us.  We’re up for the challenge.

Thanks everyone, particularly our fantastic clients, for your continuing support and friendship.

*fewer than 50 employees