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Claiming UK Tax Allowances as a non-UK Resident

1. What is a R43 form?

The R43 form is a form from HMRC that allows individuals that are not resident in the UK to claim UK tax allowances. By going through this process, the form will ask for information such as your UK income, allowance expenses and deductions. You must also keep in mind that if you left the UK part way through the year, you must prove your date of departure.

2. Am I eligible for the R43 form?

There are many ways you can claim for your UK tax allowances, the most common way is if “you are a British citizen or a national of another member state of the European Economic Area (EEA)”.

There are also other ways you can claim for UK tax allowances, and these consist of the following, amongst others:

  • If you’re a resident of the Isle of Man or Channel Islands
  • If you’re employed in the service of any territory under the Queens protection (for example, Canada or Australia)
  • If you are or have been employed by the British Crown


3. Why would I use the R43 form?

You could use the R43 form to claim tax allowances for income you have acquired in the UK, for example these could be:

  • Dividend income – Dividend income received from having shares in a UK company
  • Property income – If you own a property in the UK but you’re a resident in another country you may can claim your tax allowances to reduce your tax bill
  • Interest income – If you receive interest income from UK banks, building societies and other deposit takers

4. How do I get the allowance back?

In order to claim back your tax allowances, you must fill out the R43 form and file this with your self-assessment tax return. Don’t forget you must claim for these tax allowances within your tax return.

5. What are the UK tax allowances for 2018/19?

Your basic personal allowance is £11,850 (this was £11,500 for the 2017/18 tax year). Non- residents are entitled to receive the same allowances as UK residents.

6. What if I only have UK employment income?

If you only receive UK employment income the R43 form may not be suitable for you. The best approach would be to apply for a “NT” tax code. To apply for a “NT” tax code you must complete a P85 form.


Hopefully we’ve demonstrated that the R43 form is designed for individuals that are not resident in the UK to claim UK tax allowances. If you think you are eligible to use the R43 form or want more understanding, then please get in touch with our team.

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