30th Aug 2022

Tax Advice: Where Do I Start?

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Steven Robinson


Tax is a complex subject and truth be told, it can be difficult to navigate and reach the right course of action.

When you need help with your bookkeeping, we can quickly determine which services you need. This is because bookkeeping and many other elements of accounting have been industry defined.

As they’re industry defined, it makes it easy for us to give you the right services. But it’s a little different when it comes to tax advice.

Many businesses don’t really know what tax advice they need and why would you? You’re not a tax expert!

However, not clearly knowing what tax advice you need and not working with an expert to figure this out can cause issues.

You could find yourself with:

  • An inaccurate quote
  • Goal posts that suddenly change
  • Ongoing questions as more information is needed and your outcome is delayed
  • Additional costs due to extra work and fact-finding

Ultimately, you don’t get any of the tax advice you needed, and it costs you more than you intended.

Expert tax advice when you need it

To prevent this from happening, we offer specialist tax advisory advice. This service covers your needs and issues, no matter how complex.

We’ve learnt from experience that separating the consultancy steps is vital to ensure you receive the best service possible.

Our alternative approach to Tax Advice and Consultancy means we can accurately identify the advice you need. Meaning we can effectively give you the results you need.

We break it down into the following steps:

Step 1: Submit your enquiry

Get in touch and let us know that you need tax advice.

Step 2: We’ll complete a fact find

Please engage with us at this stage as we need to gather as much information as we can.

Step 3: We’ll review the information we’ve gathered

We’ll get in touch if we need any further information from you.

Step 4: We’ll prepare a proposal

Once we have all the facts and the full picture, we’ll prepare a proposal.

Step 5: We can chat it through

As you already know, we’re always around for a chat! If you have any queries, we’ll get a meeting sorted.

Step 6: The engagement begins

If you’re happy with our suggestions, we’ll get started!

Why is this approach so much better?

We need to get the full picture from you, so your needs can be captured accurately.

By asking questions bespoke to your circumstances, we can collate the facts and motives needed.

This means an accurate proposal can be prepared to explain the financial and non-financial benefits.

It’s vital to us that you know what work we’ll be doing, the benefits and that it’s the right course of action for you. We want you to make an informed decision about whether you choose to take our suggestions on board.

Need help with tax issue?

You can find out more about our Tax Advice & Consultancy service, or if you have a burning tax question, get in touch with us and let’s get started.