21st Mar 2023

Supporting Your Team Through a Business Restructure

Jon Dudgeon picture

Jon Dudgeon

Co-Founder and CEO

A business restructure can bring challenges for employers and their teams.

The prospect of changes in responsibilities, new hires and even job losses mean uncertainty for teams if it’s not managed well.

To avoid a negative change in atmosphere or your overall workplace culture, it’s important to get it right. We’ve recently been through our own successful business restructure, so we’re sharing some advice.

Honest communication

Be transparent and provide as much information as possible about what is happening, why it is happening and the expected outcomes.

If you can, give timelines and ensure each team member knows what the direct impact of the restructure means for their role, even if there’s no impact at all. Encourage people to ask questions and address any concerns they have. Hold full team meetings to share updates and provide opportunities for one on one chats.

We communicated our restructure in a full team meeting so that everyone found out at the same time. Later on the same day we followed up with an email, re-outlining everything we’d covered in the meeting and reminding the team that they could speak to their line managers whenever they needed.

Provide support

Restructuring can be a stressful time for employees, especially if there’s a lot of change on the horizon. Remember that people can often be sceptical of change, even if it’s positive!

Offer practical and emotional support to your team. This may involve giving your team access to employee assistance programs, offering coaching or training to help your team adapt to changes in their roles, or simply being available to listen and reassure.

Recognise and celebrate your team

Restructuring can be a difficult time for employees who may feel uncertain about their future with the company. Regardless of whether you’re restructuring or not, it’s a good idea to have a solid employee development programme in place. It’ll help your team know exactly what they’re working towards and what’s next for their career.

Regularly recognise and acknowledge the contributions your team makes, and highlight the skills and experience that will be valuable in the future. If your team feels valued and engaged, there’s a chance they’ll feel better about the restructure.

Be mindful of the impact on morale

Restructuring can have a significant impact on employee morale, especially if you’re implementing really big changes. Be mindful of this and take steps to maintain a positive and supportive workplace culture.

Don’t let team events slip and keep an eye on your overall culture and whether it has changed. A good way to implement this is to have a culture/staff activities champion in your workplace.

Focus on the future

While it is important to acknowledge the impact of the restructuring, it is also important to focus on the future. Keep looking forward!

Encourage your team to look ahead and consider the opportunities that will arise as a result of the changes you’re making. Be clear about your company vision and how restructuring will help the business achieve its goals.

Want to talk about restructuring?

We can chat with you about navigating change, any financial considerations and supporting your team to emerge stronger and more resilient than ever before.