Case study


How we work with North East based scalable software company, Wubbleyou

We spoke to Managing Director, Mark Renney, about how Blu Sky helps the Wubbleyou team – acting as the software company’s accountants by taking care of ‘the important stuff’, so they can focus on running a successful, forward-looking business.

Tell us a bit about Wubbleyou

Wubbleyou builds scalable software which empowers customer growth, automation and efficiency.

Our main focus is on generating return on investment for clients through software and automation.

Last year our clients estimated a 325% – 600% ROI on the software we developed in partnership with them. This is largely because we identify projects that are going to generate real value in our client’s businesses.

We create solutions where there’s no viable of the shelf option – and often operate on a CTO level to put a technical strategy in place that’ll accelerate business growth.

Why were you looking to outsource your accounting?

Our objective was to leave the hard stuff to the experts! As busy business owners, we wanted to delegate as much out as possible to free up our own time for higher-value activity.

Stuff gets done! Blu Sky manage our payroll, anything related to HMRC, Companies House, and personal tax, as well as advising on a more strategic level.

They’ve signposted us to forecasting software so we can focus on the future and where we want to be as a business. It’s also been really helpful to have them show us how to automate certain things in house – they introduced us to ReceiptBank for bookkeeping and Telleroo for automating payments.

The team are great on a B2B level but also on a personable level. We’ve had a pretty consistent team supporting us and when new people have come on board it’s been quite smooth.

"Stuff gets done! Blu Sky manage our payroll, anything related to HMRC, Companies House, and personal tax, as well as advising on a more strategic level."

Mark Renney Managing Director, Wubbleyou

Did you have any reservations about moving to cloud accounting?

It was years ago (around 2015) when we first switched, and we had reservations around data security and access, especially as cloud accountancy software wasn’t as mature then as it is now.

Blu Sky showed us what’s possible when moving online and we saw how much easier it was going to make our lives by automating a lot of things. We also saw the possibilities of all the information we’d have access to that we didn’t before.

Now I’d advise any business owner to switch as the ROI on doing so is very high. In fact, accountancy software is likely to be the core bit of software for many micro/small businesses and act as a launch pad for lots more automation and efficiency within your company.

Just think, how much time would you save if you could automate things like payroll, reporting, budgeting, forecasting, and integrate it with other key software?

Quick fire question! What are the top three benefits you get from working with Blu Sky?

  • The R&D claims they’ve helped us with have saved the business a lot of money over time
  • The non-measurable, invaluable stuff – if I have a query I can get an answer for it from people who ‘get it’
  • And the element that I think sets them apart from other accountants… the fact that they work with us on a day to day business level, but also a strategic level. It’s not just about filing returns or producing management reports, it’s about making us a better business.

The final things I’d say is that we’ve built up a lot of trust with Blu Sky since we engaged with them in 2013, they give us honest answers, and it just makes sense to outsource finance to them from a personal perspective, and a business perspective from an ROI point of view.