About Deborah:

  • Lawyer and external general counsel.
  • Always knew she wanted to work in Law from a very young age.
  • Works for a number of global venture backed companies, VC’s and family offices.

Episode 8: Lawyer & External General Counsel, Deborah McGargle

Hear what it’s like to be born a lawyer, prove people wrong and make it happen – despite it all. Shutting off the mainstream media, shifting focus to doing your own research, forming your own opinion and experiencing the things you’re interested in. How the UK Accelerator space has changed significantly in the last 10 years. Along with the importance of finding your tribe as a business owner, so you know you’re not alone and feel supported to tackle the future.

We’re joined by Deborah McGargle, lawyer, external general counsel, entrepreneur and board member working in the fast growth venture space.