About Mark:

  • Co-founder and managing director of Wubbleyou.
  • Automation specialist.
  • Builds scalable software which empowers Customer Growth, Automation and Efficiency.

Episode 11: Wubbleyou’s Mark Renney

Join us for episode 11! This week we’re joined by Mark Renney, co-founder and managing director at Wubbleyou. Wubbleyou specialise in building smart and efficient software systems that automate your day-to-day manual and repetitive tasks.

In this weeks episode you’ll hear all about the future of software development, what’s in store and what to expect. The evolution of working 9 to 5 and personalised working patterns in the modern world. Life as a tech business co-founder and the challenges faced by business owners, including the fact it can be a lonely place and actively taking action to share the burden.