About Paula:

  • Moved from Northern Ireland to the North East for university.
  • Director of Layers Studio.
  • Recommends the Six Minute Dairy to challenge your mindset.

Ep.35 Paula Harrison, the best decisions should scare you

We’re joined by Paula Harrison, director of Layers Studio and Co-founder of Biblio Limited. You’ll hear us discuss why the best decisions should scare you a little bit. Why you shouldn’t stay in a job just because you’re comfortable, comfort doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be better somewhere else.

How Paula knew that she needed a more sociable job and took steps to make a change. The value of the people in your business, keeping them happy, supported and helping them progress. What it’s like to be a home bird, pushing yourself to move away, and what happens when it all pays off.

Doing door to door charity work, what you’ll encounter and learn, including understanding body language and mirroring behaviour. Along with why you should always take time to focus on the positives each day.