17th May 2024

Our Net Zero Now Progress

Jon Dudgeon picture

Jon Dudgeon

Co-Founder and CEO

As a pending BCorp and member of Net Zero Now, we’re highly aware of our impact on the environment.

Every year we complete an emissions report and evaluate our next steps as we’re aiming to be a Net Zero company by 2025.

Our 2022 emissions were: 36.19 tCO2e

Our 2023 emissions were: 45.741 tCO2e 

In 2023 there was an increase in use of our office space and we grew our team, which reflects in our overall emissions total.

Why Net Zero Now matters

Every business needs to achieve a balance between the greenhouse gases they put into the atmosphere and those which are taken out.

We all need to do our bit to keep global warming at a manageable level, if we simply ignore it and leave it to others to fix, we’ll never make progress.

The first step is definitely being aware of your own individual footprint as well as the impact your business has.

By working with climate action platform Net Zero Now, we have an accurate calculation of greenhouse gases emitted from every area of our business.

We have an action plan and ongoing guidance, including how we can compensate for any emissions that we can’t fully remove.

Action we’ve taken

Over the years we’ve made numerous changes to minimise the environmental impact of our business including:

  • Becoming completely paperless.
  • Phasing out single-use plastic.
  • Introducing battery recycling in the office.
  • Educating the team on correct recycling procedures.
  • Encouraging use of public transport wherever possible.
  • Implementing a strict no use of planes for business travel rule.

If anyone needs to commute, attend an event or meet a client in person, we encourage use of public transport as the first option, followed by EV car sharing. This policy is the same for anyone travelling to in-person meetings or events.

What’s next?

We’ll continue working with partners and organisations to tackle our emissions.

As our team continues to grow and our office space is used more regularly, we’ll be adhering to our eco friendly travel policies at all times and will make every effort to ensure our office is as energy efficient as possible.

For the emissions we can’t fully remove, we’ll be supporting our local community with biodiversity and conservation projects. We’ll also get involved with beach clean up projects and plan to plant trees together as a team.

If you’d like to learn more about our Net Zero journey or feel it’s time to reduce your carbon footprint, feel free to reach out for a chat.