1st Aug 2018

Blu Sky interviews Chaser

In this video, Sam interviews David Tuck about Chaser. You can find the transcript below.


[Samantha Grigg] Hi everyone, I’m Sam from Blu Sky. I’m here with David from Chaser. We’re just going to have a bit of a natter about Chaser today.

Hi David, do you wanna tell us a little bit more about yourself, and Chaser and your background?

[David Tuck] Brilliant, will do! Well thank you very much for having me Sam. It’s great to be here today. So my name’s David Tuck, I’m the founder and CEO of Chaser.

So Chaser’s a platform to help any businesses that sell on payment terms, who are exposed to that issue of their invoices not getting paid. So how do we help them get the money in the door earlier whilst having to spend as little time as possible chasing customers.

Do you want to tell us a little bit about more about who Chaser is suitable for?

Yeah, absolutely! So it’s for any business that sells on payment terms, so your retailers, your point-of-sale businesses, cafes, your restaurants, no, absolutely, we’re not the product for them. But about 3/4 of all businesses sell their goods and services on payment terms, and we are very much for them.

By working with Chaser, putting Chaser in place they can automate that polite persistence that pays.

So the name Chaser, was there any other names in contention?

Haha! So yeah, very good question. I don’t think we’re going to win any awards for the most imaginatively-named software product out there anytime soon, and that’s quite okay with us.

The aspiration was always to be called Chaser but we we started life with an Italian domain name actually, so we were called Auto Chase It.

So you chased the name?

We did indeed!

Is Chaser a replacement for my Accounts Department?

So great question, so no. It’s that, turning the work a credit control minute into the output of a credit control hour, so it’s absolutely enabling the Accounts Department, enabling the finance team to get more effective.

How did you come about working with Xero and been integrated with them? Was it an obvious step?

We integrated in with Xero from day one. It had the most kind of developed sort of application programming interface and sort of App eco system. It’s been it’s been a fantastic relationship and continues to be a fantastic relationship that we that we have with them as a software. And and you know fantastic partner firms that they have, like Blu Sky!

What can we say?!

So you won Xero App Partner of the Year in 2016. Do you want to tell us a little bit more about that?

It was a massive kind of thrill for us as a business because I mean for context, Xero have an app ecosystem of 700 plus different apps so to be nominated amongst the three or four finalists was brilliant, to win the award outright was just incredible!

So where do you keep the award?

So we keep it in our office!

For any new users, have you got any top tips for using Chaser?

Get it personalised, segment your customers but then really get the full value from that CRM, that reporting information.

Thanks a lot David!

Thanks very much Sam!

It’s been lovely chatting.