29th Jul 2021

How to Use Tech to Take the Pain Out of Payroll

When it comes to payroll, there’s a lot to prepare and consider. Pensions, holidays, sick pay, and more recently, the Covid-19 furlough scheme all come into it.

It can feel like a longwinded process and time is something that most business owners are pretty short of. Never fear, there’s so much tech out there that can help you streamline and automate your processes, so they become quicker and ultimately more efficient.

Within this blog we’ll help you understand a few ways you can use tech to take the pain out of your payroll process, in order to save you some precious time.

Embrace Xero

You may already be using Xero, but did you know, as well as many other things, the platform can automate aspects of your payroll, tax and pension calculations?

Correct use of the platform can help save you time in several ways, such as:

  • Auto enrolling and flagging when your employees are eligible for pensions provided by People’s Pensions and NEST.
  • Sending automatic, password protected, PDF payslips to each employee. We know some of you may still prefer to send hardcopy payslips or to send them out one by one, but by using Xero, the process becomes so much quicker!
  • Sending historical payslips to employees, handy for quickly and easily sharing employee documents, as and when they request them.

If you’re looking to save even more time, Xero’s My Payroll platform can be used by your employees to submit holiday requests. Once approved, holiday pay will automatically reflect within the relevant payment period and therefore payslips. This means you don’t have to update holiday codes and payslips as it’s already done for you! 

Telleroo: An app that makes accountants and business owners lives’ easier

Business owners and financial directors can use FCA regulated Telleroo to make stress free payroll and supplier payments quickly.

The platform speeds up your payroll processes by handling payments for you. It’s also automated so there’s less risk of human error from typos or troublesome duplicate payments.

If you have an accountant or you’re thinking about working with one, the great news is that they too can securely use Telleroo.

We use Telleroo with our clients to take the time burden of payroll from them. Our Payroll Automation service schedules payments on their behalf, which they approve via a few clicks on their end. We also send regular reminders to keep things running to timescales each month.

As an extra bonus, if you use Xero, Telleroo integrates flawlessly! The two apps auto sync payment information and any changes. They can be used together to batch send remittance advice to payees, which removes the need to send time consuming, individual emails to each payee.

Try Charlie HR

If you’re just starting out and/or you’re not sure if you want to explore automating payroll just yet, we suggest you centralise where you store HR information including payee and employee details. Charlie HR is an app that helps you do exactly that.

It lets you organise important details, including holiday and account information which will be used regularly within your payroll processes.

Having this all in one easily accessible place means you won’t have to go between several platforms to obtain and maintain your records!

Need help with Payroll?

We can help offer you some guidance on how to tackle your payroll process. We have loads of experience with both Telleroo and Xero and can help you wrap your head around how they work and/or how to use them efficiently. Start a live chat or drop us an email!