4th Dec 2017

How to create a brand with hoodies

#BeBlu is our brand; it’s how we work as a team to create a desirable environment, and how we work with clients. There are no hard and fast set rules, but we encourage innovation, teamwork and integrity to name a few.

1 Think

With HQ being in the not-too-exotic North Shields, we sometimes can get a bit chilly, particularly when wandering around Shields or Newcastle for events and client visits. Hey, we thought, why not provide some hoodies for the team to keep them warm whilst also creating awareness of our #BeBlu brand?

2 Produce

The team were on board immediately. It didn’t take long to rustle up a design and get hoodies printed. We thought it best to include our initials on the sleeve so that we could all keep track of who’s was where.

3 Distribute

Delivery day was great! A huge box landed in HQ and it was like Christmas when we dished them out. Plenty of team photos were taken. We stressed that the hoodies were not a uniform, however it soon became clear that everyone found them easy enough to put on before work. We do prefer the team to wear them while out and about at events though, and it’s been amazing to hear people comment on how we’re ‘everywhere’ because they’ve seen one of our hoodies somewhere else.

4 Expand

Interest soon peaked from clients and contacts. We thought it’s an amazing opportunity to be able to hand out hoodies (slowly, as we want them to be desired and sought-after!) as a thank you, keep the recipient warm and also spread awareness of our #BeBlu brand. Our only request is that you post a selfie with our #BeBlu hashtag. Of course, we have a greater plan in mind, but more on that in the future…

5 Take Over the World!

Or at least a teeny chunk of it! You have probably seen a blue hoodie recently, was it one of ours?