9th Sep 2016

The Cloud… Something for the SME Business to Fear or Embrace?

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I am speaking from experience here, a very positive experience.

Almost 4 years ago we decided our server was too slow and we were spending too much time updating our accounting systems with new updates. We had been encouraging clients for the last few years to jump in the cloud so why shouldn’t we?

We needed to answer three things – cost (obvious), speed and security.

1. Cost
The cost question was easyish. Suddenly we remove the need to go out and spend £10k plus every 3-4 years on a new server and hardware, plus new desktops and laptops everytime we recruit a new employee. Add to that the time saved not having to update softwares, removing the inconsistency across work stations plus immediate cashflow benefits the £45 per employee per month looked more than affordable. Factor in the hidden value of flexibility and mobility the cost question answered itself  – tick.

2. Speed
Surely accessing our new server located somewhere that is not in the IT room via broadband will never work? Well put simply its quicker more reliable then before. We are more efficient. And just in case we have a second broadband line for that fateful day the Internet self destructs. Tick.

3. Security and backup
Physically we have two servers one somewhere in the uk the other somewhere else in the planet. We don’t need to remember to do any manual backups saving us much needed time and we now have a virtual IT department to support us 24 hrs a day rather than sorting issues out ourselves.

Digitally the same security issues exist as before. Yes cyber crime is an issue that faces all businesses whether your server is in your cupboard on site or hosted else where. Tick.



In short the business case was a no brainer. The switch over a weekend was seamless. A back up of the server on Friday afternoon and a few settings to get used to on the Monday morning then we were away.

The performance (as long as there is a broadband connection) is quicker than before, the same for all employees whether working from the office, home, a clients business, a cafe, theUK, overseas, on their laptop, iPhone or iPad. The firm is now truly mobile and home based working is now a reality for us. All huge steps forward from 4 years ago.

So my message is find a reputable supplier, embrace, and certainly don’t fear the cloud – after all, its the future!