Case study

Nebula Labs

We caught up with Nebula Labs co-founder Dylan McKee to find out how Blu Sky has been there from the start and over the years throughout growth.

Tell us about Nebula Labs

We’re a software house based in the North East who develop products in house. Nebula Labs provide bespoke software development and work with a whole range of clients to develop effective, impactful solutions.

The whole team enjoy problem solving and building solutions that really deliver. Our specialities include tech for good (Including Virtual Memory Box), mobile app development, web application development and the internet of things.

In the same circles

We first met the Blu Sky team as we were generally in the same circles. Way back when we first started out, we were located in Campus North and Blu Sky would often visit. The team were always very friendly and approachable, we clicked straight away and they’ve been with us ever since.

It was great timing as we didn’t have an accountant and needed to properly set up and manage our finances.

No silly questions

Working together was a no brainer. The whole team have a fantastic track record, it’s evident they really understand the tech sector and they already worked with founders I knew. Nothing was a silly question and the team assured us they’d be there to answer queries and chat whenever we needed, and they meant it.

Ongoing support

When Nebula Labs first started out, Blu Sky supported with setting up accounts, cash flow projects, end of year accounts and tax returns. Pretty much all our day-to-day accounting needs were taken on by the Blu Sky team.

Whilst we were still finding our feet, we’d regularly have meetings where Blu Sky would talk us through areas we could improve. We still have meetings now to catch up and review how things are going, the topics of conversation are different as the business is more mature.

These regular meetings are always invaluable as I get important insights and a better overview of the business numbers.

As we’ve grown, the Blu Sky team has supported us with R&D tax credits, guiding us through the whole process and showing us exactly what we need to complete. It’s greatly appreciated as we’re a pretty R&D intensive company.

The Blu Sky team has also helped advise on forecasting and looking ahead to the future which is always important.

There from the start

We’ve not really run our business without Blu Sky, they have been with us from the start, through it all.

They’re only ever a phone call away and are pretty much a partner now. We regularly attend the same events and networking opportunities.

They really understand our goals and ambitions, so I always feel like they have my back and want to see Nebula Labs succeed.

Need an accountant?

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"Working together was a no brainer. The whole team have a fantastic track record, it’s evident they really understand the tech sector."

Dylan Mckee Nebula Labs co-founder