Case study

Honest Ai

We spoke with Honest Ai co-founder Dimitrios Konstantinidis to find out how Blu Sky has supported their AI tech business with end-to-end accounting solutions.

As well as helping forward plan and set up a claim for R&D tax credits, so the business can reinvest funds into their ground-breaking work.

 Hi Dimitrios, could you tell us more about Honest Ai?

Founded in June 2020, Honest Ai is a London based real estate technology platform that uses AI and machine learning to collect, assess, and structure real estate data. Honest Ai harmonises disparate data into one curated source with easily actionable insights, enabling real estate investors to make data-driven decisions. As a result investors can source and acquire undervalued properties.

What made you decide to work with Blu Sky?

Blu Sky were highly recommended, we saw lots of positives in their approach and they had experience with tech start-ups, so we decided to reach out. The team were very responsive from the start, know what they’re talking about and can handle various complex issues from payroll to VAT. We also liked that Blu Sky weren’t like traditional accountants, they don’t wear suits!

What have the Blu Sky team helped you with?

They’ve helped us with our day-to-day accounting needs, statutory accounts such as year ends and VAT as well as R&D tax credits and government grant audits.

The team has been very responsive and open to our suggestions which has been refreshing. We suggested that they use Fathom for our cashflow forecasting and they took this on board and set us up an account. The platform is really easy to use and helps us get a clear overview of our upcoming cashflow so that we can make informed decisions on things like investments we might want to make.

They’ve also been proactive with suggestions which is great. The team really do understand that as a founder, I’m often focusing on different aspects of the business, so anything that they can help with is appreciated.  

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your experience with Blu Sky?

Our client relationship director, Josh, has helped tremendously in connecting various aspects of our accounting needs, together so that our experience with the firm is seamless. Instead of having to go between several contacts and interact with multiple individuals at any one given time, we have a direct point of contact.

Want to know if Blu Sky can support your business?

If your business needs assistance with migration to Xero or building an internal accounting system, we’d love to help!

Feel free to drop us a line!

The team were very responsive from the start, know what they’re talking about and can handle various complex issues from payroll to VAT.

Dimitrios Konstantinidis Co-founder