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We’ve worked alongside professional services company, Higson for five years helping the team strategically scale and grow. We caught up with Founder and CEO Augusta Vivian to find out more.

Tell us about Higson

Higson are a training and development consultancy who help transform workplace cultures. We specialise in making workplaces more inclusive, happier and high performing.

Over the last five years we’ve grown to be a team of nine skilled individuals with varied expertise and interests.

Examples of our work include leadership training, business development programmes, helping create more inclusive teams, presentation and pitch coaching.

Values matched accountancy

We were recommended Blu Sky by another business owner and were drawn to the team due to our aligned business values.

The Blu Sky team care about sustainability and the environment, going above and beyond and having fun. Which is all incredibly important to me as an individual and our team as a whole.

We’re B Corp certified and have been for the last three years. It’s fantastic that Blu Sky are also going through the certification process as it’s another thing that we’re aligned on. Higson donate 20% of our profits to charity and Blu Sky support us to do this from an accounting perspective.

As the team understand our values so well, they offer us ethical advice that matches with how we do business. They will often approach us with suggestions on how we can make improvements for our team, such as new benefit ideas.

An outsourced finance function

Blu Sky act as our CFO and our finance function in general.

They support us with payroll, streamlining financial admin with platforms such as Telleroo so we can make payments easier, or acting as a sounding board so we can bounce ideas off them.

Our main point of contact is Paula who’s been with the Blu Sky team over 15 years. It’s been fantastic to have that consistency, she’s always gone above and beyond for us and has guided us through the ups and downs of our growth journey.

Scale up expertise

Blu Sky has supported Higson to grow from it being only me to becoming a full team and Paula and the team have been there through it all.

Blu Sky have always shared valuable business and personal insights so we can plan for the future.

As we do things for the first time, Paula always take the time to answer and offer the guidance or help we need. From tax questions, charity giving, onboarding new team members, benefits and payroll. Blu Sky have always given us excellent suggestions and ideas which are aligned to our values.

Customer centric accounting

The Blu Sky team work with many other professional services companies so they can offer us sound and timely insights as they’ve seen it all before.

They are an extension of our team and they’re always available to support us, which is always very reassuring.

I couldn’t recommend the team enough, especially if you’re a scaling business. They’re the go to team for growth, stability, streamlining, time saving and brilliant advice.

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"I couldn't recommend the team enough, especially if you're a scaling business. They're the go to team for growth, stability, streamlining, time saving and brilliant advice."

Augusta Vivian Founder and CEO