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We spoke with Finance Director of London tech company, RevLifter, Pav Badala, to find out how our teams have worked together over the years.

Pav explains what it’s been like to get support for their rapidly growing company, with everything from navigating funding and annual regulations, to exploring EMI share options and pension schemes.

First, tell us about RevLifter

RevLifter allows its retail clients to give real-time hyper personalised offers to their eCommerce customers, to incentivise them to buy.

Founded in 2017, the business now has clients around the world, including AT&T, Asos and BooHoo. The innovative platform enables clients to drive conversions and align offers with their overall brand objectives.

2022 has been a record year for the RevLifter team, having secured £3 million in funding in March. The funding helped RevLifter on-board several new team members, open an office in Newcastle and push ahead with their plans to solidify their presence in the US market.

Let’s hear what Pav has to say about his experience with Blu Sky.

Not your traditional firm

What I like about Blu Sky is the fact they’re not your traditional firm, who’re suited and booted. The team are very down to earth, approachable and personable.

We have a client relationship director (CRD) who we have regular meetings with, but we also have access to the knowledge of the whole team which is really useful.

As the team has such a broad range of expertise, when we have a query, there’s always someone who can support.

What’s really useful is the fact the team can link in with Xero and have direct access and overviews of our data. This means they’re always in the know and up to date.

Quickly getting up to speed

Some practices only have yearly meetings which mean you have to go over and recount so much information. That’s not what it’s like with Blu Sky. Because we have quarterly meetings with our CRD Jonny, we don’t ever have to waste time going over the past, getting up to speed or catching up on what’s happened.

The Blu Sky London team are very knowledgeable about what’s happening in our business, and of course, our numbers. It’s reassuring to know that they’re always so up to date and in the know.

Day to day support and expert guidance 

Blu Sky handle processes for us like our payroll, but they offer much more than that. They’ve given us guidance on topics such as pension schemes, share schemes and EMI – talking us through how we implement shares and complete reports.

The team have funding expertise, so could support us during our funding round earlier this year. They also help us with our year ends, management reports, annual regulatory reporting and financial statements.

Regulations change all the time with many processes and the Blu Sky team are always up to date. This means they’re available to tell us what we need to be aware of and what actions we need to take, which is greatly appreciated.

Peace of mind

The Blu Sky team give us peace of mind. We know our team will be paid on time, we won’t miss deadlines and we’re up to date with any regulatory changes we need to know about.

The structure of the team and the way they operate is one of their biggest strengths. They have a wide breadth of knowledge that we can draw upon in order to problem solve when we need to.

It’s great to know we have a team on board who can understand where we’re coming from as a growing tech business. They’re proactive and stay up to date, which is exactly what we need as we’re at an important stage in our business journey.

We look forward to continuing our work with Blu Sky as we continue to grow and scale.

Want to know if Blu Sky can support your business?

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It’s great to know we have a team on board who can understand where we’re coming from as a growing tech business. They’re proactive and stay up to date, which is exactly what we need.

Pav Badala Finance Director