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We caught up with Operations Manager Kelly Adams of Graphy, to find out how Blu Sky supports with flexible accounting solutions tailored around business need.

Hi Kelly, could you tell us about Graphy?

Graphy is an all-in-one data collaboration platform that helps teams create, collaborate, visualise, and share data.

The platform offers interactive, live dashboards, which can be used by multiple users at once.

What made you decide to work with Blu Sky?

Blu Sky were recommended by one of our seed investors, they’re the first firm we’ve worked with outside of our own internal finance team.

We were looking for a flexible level of support that could change and adapt as we grew and that’s exactly what Blu Sky could offer. 

What have the Blu Sky team helped you with?

The team help with various aspects of our accounting, including bank records, reports, year-end accounts, tax return, evaluation, and reconciliation.

We’ve also had support with R&D tax credits, the team helped guide us through the full process and we’ve managed to make a claim.

We know we can ask the team for additional support if we need it. For example, as our forecasting gets more complex, we know Blu Sky would be able to support and offer further insight. We may also look to work with them on pension scheme management.

It’s great that there’s scope for us to add and remove services, as and when we need them.

What benefits has your team seen since working with Blu Sky?

The Blu Sky team can do what we need, as and when we need it, as well as offering ongoing, helpful suggestions and guidance.

The team are thought leaders and through their understanding of varying businesses, can give advice which is really appreciated.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your experience working with Blu Sky?

We’ve discovered that we have quite a lot of overlap with our industry contacts, which has been useful for growing our network. Due to shared contacts and knowledge, Dave’s been able to offer useful input on managing remote teams!

The Blu Sky team have an all-round picture of our business and goals, they’ve taken the time to understand us and the space we operate in, which is great.

Want to know if Blu Sky can support your business?

If your business needs assistance with migration to Xero or building an internal accounting system, we’d love to help!

Feel free to drop us a line on:


The Blu Sky team can do what we need, as and when we need it, as well as offering ongoing, helpful suggestions and guidance.

Kelly Adams Operations Manager