15th Aug 2018

Blu Sky interviews Pleo

In this video, Sam interview Hakon Junge about Pleo. You can find the transcript below.


[Samantha Grigg] Hi everyone, I’m Sam. We’re going to be talking to the guys from Pleo today and learn a little bit more about what they do and how they can help you.

Do you want to introduce yourself, a little more about Pleo and how it helps people?

[Hakon Junge] So I’m Hakon, I look after our UK territory and partnerships here on the ground.

What is Pleo? So we’re a Copenhagen-based fintech company that basically is, in as short as a way of saying it, we completely remove and automate the need for expenses and expense claims. We make it super easy to have a company card that you can control, you can spend, be autonomous, be empowered as a member of staff.

And by the way I recently found out that Pleo, the actual name Pleo in Latin apparently it stands for giving more than what’s expected.

Do you want to tell us a little bit more about how you came to be working with the likes of Xero?

Yeah so Xero came about right actually from the beginning when we moved into the UK. We looked at the most common accounting package that was quite in the cloud, tech savvy, and really kind of pushing the industry and now it’s a pivotal part of our system. We have the partnership with Xero.

If someone’s just signed up to Pleo and just got cards through, what would be the top tips for them?

Top tips, ok. Number one. When you start using the card, start using it right from the beginning. Number two is just play around with it. And then number three, just don’t abuse the cards okay? Just don’t mess around because everyone’s watching! Like, there’s a way that they can see what you’re doing, no one really does it but like remember that you are being entrusted and empowered.

I like the term ‘industry-agnostic’.

Industry agnostic, I love that one! And so how many companies are industry agnostic right? And I would even say what company agnostic internally because we can hit every member of staff, and it’s just this traditional mindset that, you know, only senior people get cards. Why? I think that’s such an old-school way of thinking about the product because it’s, everyone spends, everyone spends different levels and that’s where the technology allows people to put limits on the cards. Like you can have like a £10 limit on a card or £50,000 limit.

BOOM! But that’s kind of mostly it for me I think.

Yeah cool! I think that’s really interesting. Brill! I think we’ll wrap it up.


Thank you very much. Sam, thanks for this, this has been amazing, it’s been epic!