22nd Aug 2018

Blu Sky interviews Capitalise

In this video, Sam interviews Amy Cotton about Capitalise. You can find the transcript below.


[Samantha Grigg] Hi everyone, I’m Sam from Blu Sky, and I am here with Amy from Capitalise. We’re just going to chat through a few things today.

Do you want to tell us a little bit about your history and how Capitalise came, and a little bit of history in regards to the company?

[Amy Cotton] Yeah absolutely, so as Sam said my name is Amy, I am from Capitalise and we are a platform that accountants are able to use to log on and source funding for their clients.

What we have created is a platform that clients are able to work with their accountant to get different offers and ultimately source the most responsible and effective form of finance for their business.

What is the problem that Capitalise solves?

The problem that Capitalise solves is that we realised that it’s not the funding market that’s broken, there’s 365 lenders out there so there’s almost something to fill the gap for every kind of business. It’s navigating the market and doing it responsibly.

Do you have an ideal client, so what sort of business should be using Capitalise or is it anyone and everyone who needs that funding in place?

Yeah so it’s effectively for any type of SME. There are some companies that are really hard to fund, I would say because if you’re pre-revenue you can’t pay back a loan when you don’t make sales!

But I mean ultimately almost every company, provided that there’s not a lot of negative things running in the background such as bad credit, is fundable.

How does Capitalise find working as an aggregator model? Is that beneficial? Does that get more people willing to be involved?

Yes so working as an aggregator model, one thing that accountants will do if they’re trying to help with funding, it is really time-consuming for them to have to go to each lender individually and know that market.

What our platform does is enable them to put on a search, upload all the information to one spot and then we’ll have the lenders on the back end, and they’ll get it all in one spot.

What would be your top tips for anyone who’s looking to work with Capitalise?

I think never be afraid of asking the question, and also be open to the fact that funding isn’t black and white and that there will be really great circumstances and then sometimes it doesn’t always work out but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad company or it’s not possible, it’s just not every company is suited to every lender.

Brilliant! Well it’s been lovely speaking to you, thank you for your time!