21st Sep 2021

Blu Sky in London!

We recently had our first team outing to London in over a year!

Before the pandemic we would often travel down to attend events, visit clients and to stay in the loop with the ever-developing London tech scene.

We’re based in the North East but have clients all over the country! It was great to travel, network, and get back to London, where over 25% of our clients are based.

On our recent trip we attended the Digital Accountancy Show at the innovative Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. We caught up with some of the tech and software providers we use daily and got the opportunity to mingle with accountants from across the UK.

It was good to reflect with others in our sector on what’s been a truly trying year and discuss the future of accountancy.

After the show we caught up with a couple of our clients and took the chance to do some forward planning for the next 5 years of Blu Sky.

Dave and Josh share more about the trip!

Josh is one of our Client Relationship Directors, it was his first time at the Digital Accountancy Show!

How did you find the Digital Accountancy Show?

Josh: I was really impressed with how well the event was organised and structured. The show was very accommodating, taking into consideration Covid-19 precautions and worries!

All attendees were invited to choose and display a coloured wrist band, which corresponded with the level of interaction you were comfortable with.

What did you enjoy most?

Josh: I enjoyed being able to speak with app vendors, particularly those who provide us with the solutions we use daily, including Xero, Fluidly, Fathom and Dext.

It was great to learn that we were using the solutions in the most effective manner and to hear what was planned in future updates!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the trip?

Josh: The venue felt especially fitting for digital event. It was great to meet some of our London based clients in person and work together to do some planning for coming months.

It’s really rewarding working for a firm who can offer London cloud accounting solutions, as well as working closely with and supporting start-ups and regional firms.

Blu Sky co-founder and CEO Dave has attended previous events, this year he took part in a panel on digital accountancy evolution over at the App Advisory Hub!

What did you enjoy most about the show?

Dave: As well as the opportunity to travel and network in person again, it was great to discuss how apps continue to evolve accountancy and find out how other firms are embracing digital.

Over the last few years, the sector has progressed massively and there’s still a lot to come with further automation and tech developments.

How did this year’s show differ to others?

Dave: This year the show felt a lot more relaxed than in prior years, there was a much more casual feel and far less accountants in suits and ties! A few years ago, accountants not in suits would have stuck out.

You used to be able to spot Blu Sky a mile off as we’d be the accountants in hoodies and jeans!

What else did you enjoy about the trip?

Dave: As well as the opportunity to catch up with our clients and other contacts face to face, it was great to put further thought into the next 5 years, our commitments to our team, who we hope to be working with and how we plan to support firms across the UK.

We’re able to offer our solutions and expertise nationally, which is something we’re really proud of!

Want to know more?

There’s more updates to come, so stay tuned and feel free to get in touch if you’d like to discuss how we could support your business.