23rd May 2019

Becoming part of Blu Sky

As Blu Sky are always looking for their next superstar, Sam Grigg wanted to interview our latest recruits on how they found the interview process and getting integrated with the team.  

Sam chatted to our four newest faces; Manu Ratiu, Charlotte Griffiths (Charlie), Connor Henderson and Ying Guo to see what they had to say. They’ve all joined in the last year as Support Accountants. 

L-R: Charlie, Ying, Manu and Connor

SamLet’s dive right in with what attracted you to Blu Sky? 

Manu: I knew of Blu Sky due to a close friend working there! After checking the website and getting to know the teams friendly faces, I knew the environment there was something I wanted.  

Ying: Blu Sky has such a great client portfolio! It’s also good to be working somewhere where the management team are approachable, and that there are opportunities for responsibility if you want them. Plus I can improve my technical skills quickly. 

Charlie: Blu Sky isn’t your bog standard accountancy practice. I didn’t want to sit in silence with people who look down on you because of your age – something that’s celebrated here. We can all excel in our own ways. 

Connor: Blu Sky are way more advanced than other accountancy firms in relation to tech, and I knew I’d be able to work with autonomy.  

Sam: How did you find the interview process?  

Charlie: It was a shock, but it was nice to be asked ‘what do you do for fun’ rather than ‘what are your technical skills’.  

Manu: Relaxed and chilled! The interviews are very much based on people to people and getting to know each other; it’s relationship based. 

Connor: I’m looking back a little here, but it was nice how the interview questions are based off a work preferences questionnaire and it’s really cool to see how that questionnaire forms such a huge part of Blu Sky day-to-day life. I also met a lot more people in the business during my interviews for Blu Sky than any other interview process I’ve been through.  

Ying: The interview process was really quick which is nice, there was no waiting around afterwards. They were definitely interviews both ways, to see if I fit into Blu Sky but also if Blu Sky was somewhere that I thought was fit for me.  

Sam: That’s great to hear! How was your first week? 

Ying: My first week was filled with becoming Xero certified, networking with the team and clients, and was very interesting! It’s great to be given so much responsibility so early into my journey with Blu Sky, showing the value we can provide! 

Manu: Week one blew me away – there’s a lot of new tech and systems to get used to but the training is carefully planned so that I could get used to everything in time. 

Connor: My first week was very varied and interesting. I enjoyed having 1-1s with all of the team to get to know them more. 

Charlie: I was quite nervous during my first week so it was great that the team were so reassuring. There’s a steep learning curve but that’s expected. It was nice to be given the chance to work on client accounts so early on, meaning I’m already proving valuable to our clients! 

Sam: That sounds normal! How did Blu Sky help integrate you with the rest of the team?  

Connor: There are plenty of team integration opportunities, from daily meets within your team, weekly and monthly opportunities too. Everyone is so friendly that you can ask anyone in the team if you have a query. 

Charlie: Everyone has empathy having been in the same situation in the last few years, so it’s easy to form bonds.  

Manu: Newbies are welcomed right away, so you feel comfortable from day 1 and have plenty of nice conversations to get to know the team.  

Ying: Everyone is just so friendly! It’s team focussed from day 1.  

Sam: We are very team-orientated. How is Blu Sky different to your last workplace?  

Charlie: At Blu Sky, you’re not limited to your role boundaries. I’m always learning but nothing is repetitive, so there’s lots of opportunity for development in the things you enjoy or excel at and become a specialist in that area if it suits the business. 

Connor: There’s no time to get bored!  

Ying: There’s such a focus on people at Blu Sky. 

Sam: Great. To close, in a word, what’s the best thing about Blu Sky? 

Ying: Fun. 

Manu: Family. 

Connor: Hoodie. 

Charlie: Not-like-work.  

SamCharlie, I’ll allow that last one as a single word as you said it so quickly…  

If you’d like to be part of #TeamBluSky, contact recruitment@blusky.co.uk and let’s start a conversation!