23rd Oct 2019

Is it worth submitting an entry for a business award? What if we don’t win?

Xerocon_Award Winner_BluSky

We all love winning an award and as they say you’ve got to be in it to win it! It’s very topical just now after the huge success some of our clients, and friend have had from DYNAMITES 19 and our big Xero Mid Size Firm of the Year win last year. 

But realistically it can be a lot of work to get that entry together, and doubt can set in.. “What if I don’t win”, “What if I’m not shortlisted”. Well do you know what?  

The value of your entry alone is worth your time and effort, here are just a few of the benefits: 

Reflect on the projects, and advances you’ve made across the year

We’ve just been in this position as we’ve entered the Xero award again for this year. After winning last year it sets the bar even higher and we’ve given it our all, but by far the biggest win is the opportunity to really reflect on the innovation and value add services we’ve built on in the past 12 months. 

Having grown from a start-up business just like you, we’re still pushing that innovation barrier. Tech gives us a base line for this, but the true value lies in the services we deliver to help clients grow and thrive. You’ll soon see more about a Business Builder service we’re about to launch: supported by Newcastle University. It will deliver a five year vision and plan: wrapped with a sturdy financial model, and supplemented with analysed knowledge of the raw material from your business that will make this happen for (you and your team). That’s just one project we’re proud of. 

When you’re focusing on your entry start by looking at the criteria and list EVERYTHING you can think of next to each category. Then narrow it down to the top points you think stand out, but share ALL of them with the team internally. 

Always remember to share the project details with your accountant, you never know what funding you could be missing out on and they may be able to help. 

Boost team morale

Your team are critical to your business, as they are ours. When they are head down in work some of the simple things that would usually give them a moral boost can be missed. Pull out the projects, and successes you’ve identified when planning your award submission and celebrate them.

If you’ve won an award for ‘Growth’ like SoPost, make sure your team know why you went for it, how they’ve helped and how this helps with the company goals. Give them confidence that all the recruitment and change is making a difference. 

After our Xero award win our team got a visit from Gary Turner, MD at Xero: this emphasised how much Xero value their work, and our clients. Keep your team engaged: it’s amazing how simple communication will drive this.

Raise your business profile and stand out to investors

Submitting an award entry will increase your credibility, and the way investors see you. Whether you’re looking for initial investment, or further investment after a huge amount of growth it’s worth highlighting the awards you’re entering. Stand out against your competition. 

If you’ve won an award for ‘Tech’ like the Biosignatures team, share the project details with potential investors and on your social media to create awareness! If you’re just in the running, share that too – it shows your passion for the business. 

Attract new talent to your business

Your employees are a huge asset to your business and you want to attract the best. Raising your profile with marketing around your submission (or win) is going to attract more potential employees, that know where you’re striving to be and know they’ll need to have specific qualities to work for your business. 

If you’re working with your accountant to plot your future you’ll know when the perfect time is and isn’t to get some new employees on-board to keep your growth going forward.

Generate interest through marketing

Share you’re entering. The fact you fit the criteria alone if a good opportunity to show your clients, potential clients and competitors that you’re up for the challenge and you’re striving to be the best.  Write blogs, share the awards on social media, mention it in meetings, get involved in any PR opportunities that crop up, share a video about your entry after it’s closed. 

And when you do win… 

Maximise! Maximise! Maximise! 

You’ll likely get an award badge to add to your website, but you can also add it to your social media images, and every bit of content you get out there.