15th Oct 2021

4 Reasons Why You Should Revolutionise Your Finance Function With Digital Tools

Finance is a key area for every business owner and with the latest digital tools you can truly enhance how you see and manage your finance function every day.

Trust us when we say there are many advantages to embracing digital tools, cloud accounting solutions and tech stacks, they can really make your job as a business owner so much easier!

Within this blog we’ll explore 4 reasons why you should revolutionise your finance function with the introduction of digital tools!


By using digital tools such as Xero, your finances become so much more accessible! Instead of reaching for physical books in which you’ve stored your monthly income and expenditure, you can log into one platform and see everything clearly.

Easily accessible data can make it easier for you to understand and navigate your finances each day. It can also mean that you’re able to quickly identify whether you’re achieving the things you set out to achieve, and help you with a quick overview of your accounts if you need to make a timely business decision.

Save time

It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that, for most of the financial jobs you’re doing manually, there’s a digital tool out there that can do it for you. As well as streamlining and speeding up the process.

Many tools can help by automating processes that you used to do manually. Others help by interlinking and working together to deliver outcomes for you, including tasks like paying staff and sending chaser emails for overdue invoices.


Embracing digital tools can result in improved overall efficiency for your business! Having your financial data in an easy to access format and stored within a digital platform is more efficient than having it stored in various places.

The introduction of automation within your processes will also enable you to be more efficient than completing data entry manually.

Digital tools can also help flag inconsistencies and errors quickly! Meaning you’re able to ensure your data and processes are up to date, and most importantly, accurate.

Forward plan

There are also tools out there which will help you forward plan, forecast and review! We know it can be tempting to stick with the traditional Excel spreadsheets for tracking and forecasting, but the tools out there are far, far more effective.

You can create easy to digest reports and analysis based on your KPIs and goals, and quickly gain a snapshot and comparison of your current and previous financial years.

Want to learn more?

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