9th Mar 2018

3 highlights of being Blu

From client onboarding, SEIS/EIS applications, HMRC and Companies House admin, producing the weekly newsletter, networking and many other tasks, no two days are the same. I love the variety of my role and being able to do different things every day. There are so many things I could talk about from my time here, but I’ve decided to focus on the 3 things that really stand out to me about being part of Blu Sky.


    1 Team


One of the best things about Blu Sky is the support and the relationship with the rest of the team. I’ve learnt that having a strong team around you is essential, and I know if I ever need help or have any questions there will always be someone there to help me. It’s also great to know that people are happy to help and there’s no such thing as a stupid question! I also feel that a big part of my role at Blu Sky is to provide ongoing support to the rest of the team and help them whenever they need it. Whether that is with client onboarding, sending accounts out, meeting prep or anything else they might need.

Our monthly team meeting is a great way to get everyone together and give updates on what’s been happening that month. Of course, the best part of the meeting is our monthly awards. Each month there are different awards such as ‘Most Memorable Moment’, ‘Hardest Worker’ or ‘Best Teamwork.’ Watching everyone’s video nominations always gets the team laughing and it’s a great opportunity to recognise the hard work that has been put in that month.

We also have a regular film night, where we all get pizza and watch a film. On our first film night we watched The Accountant (of course!) and everyone really enjoyed it! We’ve also had a few games of bowling and even laser quest!

2 Networking

Since I’ve been at Blu Sky I’ve had the opportunity to attend many different types of events and networking sessions.

Before starting at Blu Sky I’d never been to any networking events, so of course I was nervous the first few times I went as I wasn’t really sure what to say or who to talk to. However, I quickly learnt from the rest of the team and now I regularly attend events alone. I really enjoy talking to new people, but also catching up with familiar faces! It’s great that I’ve built relationships up and now when I attend events there’s normally always people there that I recognise and know.

Some of my personal highlights have been the Virgin Voom Bus and pitch competition and Newcastle Scale Up Summit. Having the opportunity to hear exciting ideas and pitches from Start-up’s as well as stories and learnings from established and growing businesses is something which I wouldn’t get the opportunity to do elsewhere, which makes it a rewarding and hugely enjoyable aspect of my role at Blu Sky!


    3 Development


Whether it’s learning new skills, attending seminars or courses, there’s so many different opportunities available to the whole team. I’ve had the chance to develop personal and professional skills and I’ve also gained a lot of knowledge and understanding in areas which I hadn’t even heard of before.

For example, I now process SEIS and EIS applications almost every day. I’d never heard of or had any understanding of SEIS or EIS before working here, which makes me really proud of how far I’ve come and how much knowledge I’ve gained. It’s also great that I now have the opportunity to pass the information I’ve learnt on to other members of the team and help them understand the SEIS process and applications.

I’m constantly learning and developing and it’s reassuring to know that Blu Sky support and encourage the whole team to grow and take new opportunities.

So far my time at Blu Sky has been extremely enjoyable and rewarding, and I’m looking forward to seeing what new opportunities come this year. It’s reassuring to know that Blu Sky support the whole team with both personal and professional development and that there’s so many opportunities available. I’m excited to see what comes next!

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