Xero is the accounting hub around which everything else evolves.

With so many dates and filings to keep track of, keeping tabs isn’t much fun. You want to be out there running your business after all. So, let Blu Sky take the worry from you. Compliance need not be a worry with us, and our range ensure you benefit from our expertise.

Blu Sky are winners of the Xero Mid-Sized Firm of the Year Award 2018

Blu Sky have fully embraced the Xero eco-system, allowing the introduction of real added value services to clients, for example when it comes to debtor control, financial control and management insights. Clients can have a full credit control process that allows them to chase in cash in a faster way, meaning they have more cash to further their business. Blu Sky are also Xero Platinum Partners, one of the first in the North East.
We're a Xero Platinum Partner

Blu Prints

Tired of numbers reporting with no clear indication of what it means for your business? Key financial metrics not easily accessible? Unsure of your Balance Sheet from your Profit and Loss, or what it all means for Cashflow? Your Business Blu Print will show you the way. Blu Prints is built in the cloud and sits on top of Xero and Receipt Bank.

Receipt Bank

This is an add-in that enables you to photograph your receipts and forget about them. No more paperwork storage, no more huddled over a pile of documents on a Sunday afternoon. Free up your time and let Receipt Bank analyse your receipts before they are automatically posted to Xero… oh, and your Receipt Bank subscription is included in your fee. How good is that?


Chaser works exclusively on the sales side of things and is for you if you have customers who are placing orders and treating the credit on your sales like short-term bank loans or fear this being the case. In fact, with Chaser it can take an average of 16 days less to receive money from customers. Sounds amazing, we know!


Stripe allows you to receive payments over the internet. It provides the security and peace of mind required with fraud prevention, technical and banking infrastructure. If you’re creating a subscription service, e-commerce store or an on-demand platform for example, Stripe may well be for you.


GoCardless helps business owners to collect their Direct Debit payments, whether its for invoice payments of variable amounts, subscriptions or fees. If you want to control your cash flow and never need to chase a payment again, GoCardless may be the answer. It also connects with your exisiting software, what more could you need?


The rise in platform lenders and new alternative sources of financing means there are more options than ever to choose from. Whether it be for cash flow or growth, there is now a solution out there to SME’s funding needs – Capitalise. It can search over 100 lenders in as little as 3 minutes. Loan applications are 4 times more successful with the use of Capitalise.

Other Xero add-ins

We can work with anything from Tripcatcher (a mileage expense app) to WorkflowMax and CharlieHR and integrate your payment systems from Paypal and Stripe. Our in-house integration process is neat, and we make use of Zapier which, in this ecosystem, integrates just about anything with anything.

And finally…

Yes, we’ve some other systems dotted around that help us manage resources, workflow and specialist accounts and tax production as well as internal communications. Fortunately for you, you don’t need to go anywhere near them!
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