You’re in a bit of a mad world, with a business and financial model many traditional bank managers can’t get their head around.

You may not yet have any revenue, but someone has seen fit – or is looking – to drop £500k, or £5m, into your bank. You need specialist knowledge around investment readiness, tax breaks for investors, free cash through R&D tax credits, business and exit planning, and share option schemes to attract and retain key members of your team. Your CAP table feels like a revolving door and your accountant isn’t much help.

You sound like a perfect fit for a Blu Sky Superhero. We don’t have superpowers, but we do have a team that blends technical skills and experience with the commercial and communication skills ensuring you get the best value out of your relationship with us. It’s the Blu Sky way.

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EMI Schemes

Blu Sky have extensive experience in working with your legal partner and liaising with HMRC to manage the share option process, particularly EMI (employee management incentive) schemes. If you have no preferred partner we work closely with SeedLegals to deliver an efficient, cost-effective service.

R & D

With a high proportion of growing businesses under our wing, we punch above our weight on R&D. Whatever you do, if you’re investigating something new, or looking to do something in a way no-one else seems to be doing, talk to us about the potential for R&D. Remember, if there is genuine business justification, it puts cash directly into your bank.


Looking for investment? One option of course may be equity funding from private investors, either directly or through a crowd-funded option such as our good friends at Seedrs. A big attraction to these investors may be SEIS or EIS, which can make their investment very tax-efficient. We can manage the entire process for you.