Accelerating innovation is what we do. Your R&D Tax Credit is one of the perks we can help you with….

What are R&D tax Credits? 

There’s 2 Government schemes which allow businesses to utilise some of their R&D costs for tax relief for projects that aim to advance science or technology.  

Your R&D project could relate to improving or developing new processes, services or products based on a problem you’ve stumbled upon. It can even be to enhance an existing set up if you want to do something in a new way and your innovative use of science or technology will make it more efficient! Now there’s a strict set of criteria but it’s well worth looking into: you’ll be surprised what you could be eligible for! 

What qualifies as R&D expenditure?

Save time, maximise what you claim for, and make it easy…. 

We’ve a 100% claim success rate: having helped a huge number of tech, digital and creative businesses to get their R&D Tax Credits through. Best of all they’ll all have got more money back, or off their corporation tax than they would have done without us. All with the added bonus that we’re experts so we can get your claim submitted quicker than if you’re plodding through all your costs, and activity wondering what and how much to attribute to each thing. 

We love the Tax Credits Schemes because they give you much needed cash, letting you develop your business even further.  

Ready.. here’s how the service will go! 

We’ve got an efficient process so you can get on with running your business: and specialists who are passionate about this and helping businesses access the great funds.  

You’ll see by having a look at the claim process there’s a lot of information needed so the best start is actually getting to know you.  

  • Your team will hold a call, or pop out for a visit to kick off the project and get to grips with the information we’ll need to begin the claim. This gives us a great opportunity to learn more about you and spot any extra parts of the project that can be added to the claim. 
  • We’ll then ask for some information around the costs of the project: keeping you on track, so feel free to ask questions along the way. 
  • We’re experts in this area and will uncover as many little gems as we can spot, to give you the maximum claim for qualifying activities and costs. 

Every business is different, with various systems so we’ll work with you to make sure the quality of what we provide along with the claim is spot on! 

  • Complete our guided questionnaire to dig out the details around how your project fits the criteria. 
  • Review the bespoke report created for your claim. This includes all the technical detail, a summary of the costs and detail behind them and the value you’d like to claim for.  
  • We’ll liase with HMRC, saving you a lot of back and fourth as we’ve got a good relationship with them. We’ll cover everything from checking progress, answering questions and finalising the claim. 
  • We then ask you for sign off, but with the peace of mind that the claims been checked by Tax experts who know your project.  

Once the claim’s submitted it takes up to 8 weeks for it to be processed, but we’ll keep you updated. RDEC can take 6 months

We’ll have supplied your bank details so if your claim is a cash benefit it’ll go straight in.  

If you’re in profit, your Corporation Tax bill will be reduced – yay! Or if you’ve made a loss then you’ll get the cash refund. Either way rewarded for the innovation.