Let’s future-proof your systems.

You’re profitable and process driven, but paperwork heavy. Administration seems to be a time and cost-consuming black hole. Your financial systems are outdated.

You lie awake at night, knowing it’s time to drag your processes into the 21st century, to align them with your products and huge investment in shop floor technology. Sounds like a good time for a chat.

We can review your processes and suitability for migration to state-of-the-art technology, and help you and your team through the process.

The end result? Freed up admin time and clearer, more timely financial information to allow you to run your business in the manner you want. Contact us.


R & D

With a high proportion of growing businesses under our wing, we punch above our weight on R&D. Whatever you do, if you’re investigating something new, or looking to do something in a way no-one else seems to be doing, talk to us about the potential for R&D. Remember, if there is genuine business justification, it puts cash directly into your bank.

Process Review

You understand the need for well-documented, robust processes within your business to increase efficiency within your team. Blu Sky can document your ‘as-is’ processes, reflect on them and make suggestions going forward. These can be used to ensure your team can work through any process, regardless of departures or absences.

Exit Planning

You will exit your business one day, whether you want to or not. Exit planning should start early, a good three to five years before possible exit, to ensure sufficient time to implement strategic changes within the business and to give yourself the best chance of finding the right buyer at the right time. We can help you form an exit plan that works for you.