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Client Spotlight: Mammoth Group’s Start-up to Scale Up Journey

We spoke to John Tuton, founder and CEO of health and wellbeing expert Mammoth Group, to find out more about the company’s journey from start-up through to scale up with the help of funding.

Of course, we also discussed how we’ve supported them over the years with their day to day accounting and strategic financial forecasting.

Hi John, first of all, tell us a bit about Mammoth Group

Mammoth Group is an NHS award winning health and wellbeing brand headquartered in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Mammoth has come a long way since it was conceived in 2009, now with a product portfolio that includes sleep and comfort products alongside health insurance and services.

We’ve grown from a start-up, seeking funding, to an established scale up, backed by funding – which helped catapult us from strength to strength!

12 years after we first pioneered the use of Medical Grade foam in retail, Mammoth comfort products now feature on shop floors and online channels, up and down the country.

Mammoth is now an exclusive partner of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the go-to brand for the sporting elite, from Tottenham Hotspur to the Rugby Players’ Association. The company has built up a solid reputation as the number one sleep and comfort brand for those who choose wellness. 

So why did you decide to start Mammoth Group in the first place?

In 2009 (the year I started the business) I sustained an injury during a rugby match. The injury left me in a great deal of pain, unable to work and struggling to sleep at night.

At the time I was working within the healthcare and medical technology fields. I was providing specialist medical mattresses and seating for seriously ill patients, and education to senior clinicians.

Knowing how much of a difference these specialist mattresses could make to pressure relief and support at night, I decided to add a layer to my own mattress at home – and the first Mammoth prototype was born.

I come from an entrepreneurial background, as some of my family own their own enterprises, and in 2000, I graduated from Newcastle Business School in business development.

My own experience of recovering from injury made me question why the very best materials for pressure relief, support and temperature regulation weren’t being used in mainstream consumer mattresses. And so the seed of the idea for Mammoth was sown.

Through my knowledge of the medical sector, my education and entrepreneurial instincts, it wasn’t long before the first Mammoth Sport mattress was brought to market, using a modified version of the high specification foam utilised in spinal injury units.

Our own Medical Grade foam has since gone on to set the industry standard for quality, has won us NHS Innovations awards and has gained the endorsement of sporting organisations and health professionals along the way.

How and when did you start working with us at Blu Sky?

I first met Blu Sky approximately 5 years ago when my commercial director at the time introduced them to our company.

At first, we needed Blu Sky to handle the nuts and bolts, helping to set up and support us with varying financial processes.

As we developed and grew, we needed Blu Sky to play a bigger part in helping us strategically plan and develop financially. They were able to do so by gaining a thorough understanding of our business model, with proactive involvement and forecasting.

Ultimately, over the years the team has helped us bridge our financial director gap, working with and supporting us as we’ve grown and developed.

And why do you like working with our team?

Blu Sky offer a collaborative approach and take the time to get to know your business inside out.

They take ownership of my internal accounting processes, whilst also helping me plan ahead with financial forecasting – which is paramount for business success.

Even after an incredibly challenging year, our 2020 company accounts fell within 1% of our budget!

Blu Sky has also helped me continue to work in an agile manner. By providing end-to-end accounting solutions, I’ve not needed to internally recruit an accountant.

Don’t feel you have to, but do you have any final thoughts to share?

The team’s responsiveness and willingness to take ownership has been greatly appreciated.

The team has also helped me build wider connections and in networking within the North East, as they’re always willing to share contacts and make introductions if they think there’s a benefit to Mammoth Group!

Finally, a quick word from us…

Thanks John! We’ve really enjoyed catching up with you and are so pleased that the company is going from strength to strength.

If you’re a business owner that finds yourself in a similar position to where John was five year ago, why not get in touch for a chat with one of our team.

We’d love to hear more about what you do:

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